About the Website

The Website is a WordPress template that provides a great deal of ease of use, flexibility, and utility.

The Website has the following features:

  • Blog – If you wish to be able to make your own posts to the blog as well as comments send a message to fafcp@findafreecountry.info.
  • Projects Wiki – The “Projects Wiki” section is actually a wiki which I hope will grow as people participate. Registered Users will be able to participating in discussions on each Country page. If you would like to be able to edit and add to the Wiki send a message to fafcp@findafreecountry.info. CANCELED FOR LACK OF SUPPORT.
  • User Messaging – there is a messaging service that allows the Administrators through Contributors to send messages to each other. Otherwise the Subscriber can receive messages, but cannot send or respond.

When I first set this page up I intended it to be a wide-open forum where people could participate. I got none of that. Instead a group of hackers moved into my website and started to take control of it. What makes me sad is not the hackers, but everyone else.

Again, we need help. Please Register for free if you think you want to help.


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