An interesting series of articles by Bob Djurdjevic concerning the possible disintegration of the USA, written in 1995 and 1996

This essay has had the longest “gestation period” of any piece which I’ve written on any subject. More than two years have passed since my idea about the impending U.S. disintegration was born on September 8, 1993 in Vienna. Here’s an excerpt from my diary notes:

“This evening, I went for a walk around the old Vienna. As I looked again at those magnificent buildings where the Austrian royalty lived, I was reminded of the fact that even the greatest glory is but a fleeting moment in the history of mankind. Less than 100 years ago, this was one of the most powerful empires on the face of the Earth. Now, all these buildings don’t just look like museums; they are museums! I could not help but wonder if, in 100 years or so, Washington may also end up a “museum town,” as the new center of world power shifts elsewhere, perhaps to China or Russia?”

After doing some research which backed up my Viennese intuition, I hesitated to share my conclusions with wider audiences partly because I was afraid that my forecast would be too shocking, disconcerting and gut-wrenching for many patriotic Americans.

In other words, I was a “chicken-shit” writer who was more concerned about being labeled a “kook” or a “weirdo” than about telling the whole truth.

Then I met an American overseas war veteran who earned more medals than my roses have petals. Upon reading a draft of this essay, which I wrote while stranded in Paris on by the fog and the transportation workers’ strike (Nov. 29, 1995), he said, “your piece is right on the money. Go for it!”

Which is why you’re now reading it, too…

Bob Djurdjevic, Phoenix, Arizona, Dec. 20, 1995

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