Black Lives Becoming the new voice for segregation: “Segregation Now, Segregation Forever”

Some days I just want to hang my head and cry when I see what my country is turning into. It is descending into a darkness filled with mindless hatred, resentment, envy, and despair. Yet Americans stand rooted like some ancient oak that is being swallowed by a rising swamp.

This woman represents the attitudes of far too many Black Americans. She simply hates white people and America, and her only real solution when she is not babbling about the evil of White America  is to segregate blacks:

I don’t believe a nation can survive such divisiveness. It is one thing to strongly disagree with political opponents, but when the disagreement turns to violent and mindless hatred that cannot be reasoned with there is really no hope. Just imagine if you were married and the relationship between you and your spouse escalated like this? It would be impossible to live in the same house. That is what is happening to America. Either there will be an amicable separation, or the different parties will tear themselves apart.

And this is just the race issue. The same thing is going on regarding just about every single issue regarding Identity Politics.

Here is another example of things to look forward to in the USSA:

A black sociology professor at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, said whites should “f**king die,” calling them “inhuman a**holes,”

But don’t worry. He also hates Jews, and I would suspect he is not very fond of Asians and Hispanics.

Ten years ago I was somewhat optimistic about the race issue in America if nothing else. A black man was running for President, blacks were breaking the glass ceiling across all sectors of American life, things were looking positive. But in the last ten years everything in America has been turned upside down. Blacks now want to be segregated from Whites; opposing gay marriage for any reason can result in your persecution by the state; wanting to defend your country from Muslim terrorists makes you a racist; universities have become unaffordable breeding grounds for fascist hatred and intolerance, and the list goes on and on. No one is doing anything about these issues. I am just glad that I left, but I am so sad to see what is happening. If only I had the words to move people to action, but I do not. The American People are lost in either mindless hate or soporific inaction.

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