The 5 Stages of Grief

I have been asking myself, “Why won’t patriotic and knowledgeable Americans do anything useful in the face of a chronic situation?” I have spoken to so many people about this and I am beyond frustration. They know there is something very wrong with America, but all they do is talk and put their faith in corrupt politicians and a corrupt system. The latest has been Donald Trump. Worried conservatives gave him their blind faith:

  • He is Going to Make America Great Again!
  • He is Going to Drain the Swamp!
  • He is Going to Restore Justice and Constitutional Law Back to the USA!

Well so far that has turned out to be a great disappointment. I am trying to be diplomatic when I approach current and former Trump supporters on the subject: he is yet another in a long line of politicians who have let us down — so what do we do?

I see most doing the same old things — looking for another hero messiah to save the day — but some are starting to show progress. Very slowly. These are smart people. Why is this taking so long?

I then realized you cannot reason with people in mourning. They are not suffering from a lack of understanding… they are grieving.

Then I remembered the Five Stages of Grief. For that is what is really going on. People have watched in shock as everything they loved about the USA has been destroyed, and every institution they were raised to admire and respect has betrayed them. It is as if something precious just up and died. This is not a time for reason, but a time for empathy.

The Five Stages of Grief:

  1. Denial,
  2. Anger,
  3. Bargaining,
  4. Depression, and
  5. Acceptance

Most American conservatives are somewhere between Denial and Anger. They recognized that there is/was something very wrong, and they chose Trump to fix it. Some now realize that Donald Trump is just a fraud, or even if he really is who he claimed to be he is just one man fighting against a hopelessly corrupt system. No one is doing anything to fix anything… nor will they. These people put all their faith into Trump and he let them down. Now they will either stay in Denial and Anger — and are thus hopeless cases — or they will move past Anger to Bargaining (hoping that some magical force will make the world right — Jesus, Buddha, Mr. T…). Those are making progress. How to get them past Bargaining???? I don’t know. But only those who are past Bargaining are ready to act.

As I look back on my own progression I realize that I am somewhere between Depression and Acceptance. And I have been at it for twenty years. It was five years ago after the American People voted to re-elect Obama that I finally realized there was no hope for the USA. I gave up on Bargaining for something unimaginable to come along and reignite the American Spirit of Liberty. It was only then that I was able to move on. It was only then that I committed to getting out while I could. I am very glad I did. I am still terribly sad about what has happened to my country, and I am sad that my children will not have what I grew up with, but I am finally actively working to make things better. I am creating a new life that is much better for me and my family.

I am going to try to be patient with others who are perhaps not as far along the stages of grief as I am. But I am also going to look at people with an eye towards what stage they are on, and whether there is any chance they will ever make any progress past Denial and Anger. For most I fear any progress they make will be too late for them and everyone else around them.

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Is Denmark (Europe and the Western World) on the Brink… of what?

An interesting interview with a Danish journalist about what is happening in Denmark, but I found this quote chilling:

“In 2015 I wrote an article criticizing our politicians who for the most part hate Christianity but nevertheless use Christian values, especially charity and compassion, to promote their own agendas, in particular mass immigration. So I called them out on that.

A few months later I got a call from a politician here who told me that I was on a government blacklist, supposedly acting as a pro-Russian propagandist agent, despite having absolutely no evidence to that effect. I occasionally work for a Russian news outlet, but that’s simply my job as a journalist.

Today, in a society where supposedly there is freedom of speech, if politicians want to silence their critics they simply accuse them of working for the Kremlin, or having some unexplained ties with Russia. That is what happened to me, and it also happening to high profile politicians and journalists in the US, France and Germany. If you don’t agree with the multicultural policies of Europe then you are labeled a Russian agent. Which is really a form of political or character assassination.

They are so afraid of the rise of what leftist politicians in Europe call “populism”, which threaten the existence of their beloved European Union. And this year the stakes are very high with elections in France and Germany. So they resort to these kinds of tactics to quash any dissenters.

So I find myself in a blacklist in a supposedly free country like Denmark, but if a conflict with Russia emerges I can end up in prison under the pretext of being a foreign agent. Again, with no proof and no judicial process. This is very much how totalitarian societies operate. First they put you on a list, then when there is a problem or a made-up reason they will come for you.”

Her conclusion:

ET: So, is Denmark on the brink? Indeed, is the rest of Europe on the brink?

IT: Yes, Denmark is on the brink. And Europe is on the brink. We completely lost our culture, our values and our moral compass. What used to be good is now evil and vice-versa.

You mentioned Denmark being the happiest country in the world but I am not sure that is true. We have high alcohol consumption and about half a million people on happy pills for a reason.

Channel 1, our main TV channel here, recently aired a documentary on three Danish girls who converted to Islam out of their own will, not because they got married or anything like that. They all had the same background, coming from broken homes, dealing with alcoholism and so forth – basically part of the legacy of the 1968 revolution we had across Europe. What these girls lacked was structure, and they found it in Islam because it regulates all aspects of your life: how you dress, what you eat, with whom you can socialize with, how to pray, how to interact as a wife and so on.

That is what the right-wing parties in Europe don’t understand. This is a spiritual battle. There is no political freedom without spiritual freedom. If you go around just forbidding things, like don’t wear the head cloth and so forth, it will not work. Our civilization will gradually disappear.

The only thing that can save Europe right now is a true spiritual, dare I say Christian, revival across the Continent. This played a significant role in the demise of communism in the Soviet Union and East Germany. The churches there provided hidden venues for people to congregate, express ideas and share their faith and hardships.

Since its inception Christianity was always about fighting evil with love, prayer and faith because these three are the key to freedom. And these are the values that the radical left and radical Islam do not tolerate, because of course both demand total obedience to the state and their conception of God, respectively.

In the absence of any traditional culture or religion, people are reaching out to something that provides them with some structure and stability.

to read more:

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What is the Future of “Higher” Education in the West and Everywhere Else?

What is the future of “Higher” Education?

I suspect what is going to happen is that the entire concept of the University falls into disrepute. Already, many US companies are no longer requiring a college degree as they find that the candidates with degrees are no better than those without, and are going to require massive amounts of training re-education regardless of the degree.

As a parent I can admit to this: parents are the most regressive in their thoughts about their children. We are always fighting the last war. But as a parent I am very worried. Should I encourage my daughter to go to college, spend a vast amount of money on something that is at best useless and economically unproductive, and at worst an anti-social indoctrination program that could very well stifle rather than encourage her intellectual development??? Or should I encourage her to travel the world, explore her curiosity, develop her own skills, ideas and ambitions?

Also with modern technology, the concept of a centralized brick and mortar University may very well wither away. Why pay for all those expensive buildings and infrastructure when you can get your children better education online, and then get them certified through credible third party testing services? Employers simply do not trust a degree from a university anymore. Whatever degree your child gets, they are going to have to pass a third party test usually administered by the prospective employer. The scary thing will be how these testing programs warp and degrade the education system even further as students are drilled even more mercilessly on how to pass tests rather than learn concepts, facts, and develop problem solving skills.

I think we are going to be seeing the death of education as we understand it.

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New Members

In the last few months we have had a growing number of subscribers to the website. However, we have seen no increase in participation. Not trying to nag, but just want to know what needs to be done to improve things. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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The End of the Democratic Party?

An interesting article worth a read even if you disagree (but of course you will never read it then!!!):

“Notice how this man’s entire focus is on demographics, assuming that people of color have nowhere to turn but to the Democrats. There’s no emphasis on any of the issues that allowed a reality tv star to win the Presidency against one of the most well-funded and media supported candidates in American history. The entirety of the above is obsessed with winning elections based on identity politics as opposed to making lives better for tens of millions of suffering Americans. In today’s environment, this is a recipe for political oblivion.”

read more:

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Take Advantage of the Blessing of the Election of Donald Trump… and Get Out Now!!!!

Ok. I know I am going against the grain, but I am rather pleased with myself not getting hysterical over the Donald. Neither for or against. I pity those who see him as some sort of monster who is going to destroy the earth, but I also rather pity those who see him as their Messiah who is going to part the waters and bring on a new age of freedom and liberty.

Neither is the case. I suspect he will fall somewhere in between. But even if he is one extreme or another, he will have very little power to do more than execute some limited “Executive Orders” that will hopefully fix some of the excesses of the Obama Regime, and he will also be able to restore ‘rule of law’ at the various Federal agencies like the Department of Justice, IRS, EPA, etc. Other than that he will be going against the current of a profoundly corrupt system run by career politicians, bureaucrats, and judges.

I am not optimistic.

But as I said in the headline there is something to be happy about: you have more time to get out, and get out with some of your money!

A few weeks ago at the peak of the Trump Market hysteria I sold some stocks at a very nice profit. As I watch the market collapse I am rather feeling a bit better.

As for being able to liquidate other assets it is going to be easier over the next few years. I don’t think Trump is going to be so antagonistic to business as Obama was. We might even get some improvements in the area of FATCA, FBAR, etc.

But as I see the chaos and horror that the Left is creating for the USSA in their endless stream of phony protests and opposition, I am not hopeful for the country. These people have lost their mind, and they make up a large minority of the country. They control the media, education, and the moneyed elites. I don’t see how the country can survive such people. I am glad to be out.

I suggest you look at the election of Trump as a breath of fresh air that will give you a bit of time and energy to get out of the swamp. Because Trump is not going to be able to drain it. It is much bigger than just Washington DC, which is bad enough. The entire culture has degenerated into depraved lunacy. Get out while you can!

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Republic of Georgia One of the Safest Countries in the World

Safety is a very important consideration to take into account when you are planning on becoming an expat. According to Numbeo the Republic of Georgia is the 3rd safest country for 2016:

The Top Ten (most safe):

  1. South Korea
  2. Singapore
  3. Republic of Georgia
  4. Taiwan
  5. Japan
  6. Hong Kong
  7. Qatar
  8. Austria
  9. United Arab Emirates
  10. Denmark

The Bottom Ten (least safe):

  1. Venezuela
  2. Papua New Guinea
  3. Hondura
  4. South Sudan
  5. South Africa
  6. Nigeria
  7. El Salvador
  8. Trinidad and Tobago
  9. Brazil
  10. Bangladesh

For more information:

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Fact Checking and the Failure of Snopes

Fact checking is important. In the past we relied upon the journalists in the mainstream media to do this for us. To keep the bastards honest, and give us the real deal. I don’t know if they were fair and unbiased in the past, but I think it is very clear that the hacks in the Corrupt Media calling themselves journalists today do not even attempt to present objective reporting; they are just the propaganda arm of the Leftist Party (whatever name it may be going by at any given moment). I don’t know if these 4 fact checkers are better than SNOPES, but I think the solution is not accept any one source as reliable.

check it out here:


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Will Hillary be the Next Dictator of the USSA or Just the Next Puppet?

In March of 2015 I suggested that the most likely outcome of the Democrat Party primary process would be a rigged primary where Hillary Clinton would win the vast majority of votes only to have the victory snatched away by an indictment for one or more Hillary’s many criminal acts. (Was the last presidential election the Last Presidential Election?) Then Michelle Obama would be paraded into the Democrat Convention as a savior of the Party.

This analysis was based upon the idea that the corrupt Obama Regime could no more trust a Hillary Clinton Regime to protect them than a Republican to do so. In short it might be more likely for Hillary Clinton to go after them in order to purge the Democrat Party of rivals.

For awhile I thought and actually hoped that was what was going to happen. The other options were even less appealing to me:

  1. Obama & Co can foment a fake race war that will allow them to declare a state of emergency and consolidate their power into a true dictatorship, or
  2. The system is so corrupt that the criminal actions of the Obama Regime will simply be swept under the rug regardless of who gets elected.

I am sad to say that #2 seems to be the real state of affairs. If this is the case then America the Free is truly a dead concept. It has become an oligarchy that more resembles Putin’s Russia. As such, who ever wins these silly elections is irrelevant. The election process is just a side show to distract the people from what is really going on, and who is really in charge.

I suppose there is still time for Obama to pull some shenanigans. He can still charge Hillary with a crime and then impose Michelle Obama upon the party in some back room deal that would likely result in another Obama presidency. He also still has time to start a race war and become a true Dictator. But why bother with all that if the system is completely under the control of some sinister oligarchy and who ever follows after Obama will simply be a puppet doing their bidding?

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Micronation Proposal Updated

Proposal for the Creation of a Micronation Dedicated to Free Market Principles and Libertarian Beliefs

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