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REVIEW: Choose Yourself, by James Altucher

I just finished this book and I encourage people to read it. Altucher calls into question most of the myths we have been taught concerning our roles in the modern industrial world (or is it a post-industrial world?). He points … Continue reading

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What is the Future of “Higher” Education in the West and Everywhere Else?

What is the future of “Higher” Education? I suspect what is going to happen is that the entire concept of the University falls into disrepute. Already, many US companies are no longer requiring a college degree as they find that … Continue reading

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Authorities Continue Assault on Parental Freedoms: “Free Range” Parents convicted of negligence in allowing their children to play by themselves!!!!

This is perhaps the greatest threat to American liberty taking place today, but is largely going unreported, or at least ignored by the public. It is not a few isolated abuses by out-of-control cops. It is a coordinated nationwide attack … Continue reading

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MORE COLLEGE INDOCTRINATION – Harvard Students Think the U.S. is a Greater Threat to World Peace Than ISIS

This is how and what college students are being taught at US colleges. I post these in what I believe is a pointless effort to inform conservatives inside the USA what they are really facing. It is pointless to try … Continue reading

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US Universities Nothing More Than Perverted Communist Indoctrination Camps — Being Paid for by Gullible Parents

A prominent conservative political pundit was uninvited from speaking at Scripps College, in a program designed to promote conservative views on campus, because of his conservative views. Nationally syndicated columnist George Will was slated to speak at the ninth annual … Continue reading

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American Universities Stopping Students from Handing out the Constitution

It is getting worse than anything I could have imagined: Two students are suing the University of Hawaii for violating their First Amendment rights after administrator prevented them from distributing copies of the U.S. Constitution — demonstrating a frightening lack … Continue reading

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