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Practical vs. Theoretical

I chatted with someone yesterday who said he could not possibly leave the USA as he is in the middle of trying to restart his life after a painful and costly divorce. I responded, “What better time to leave?” “But … Continue reading

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The 5 Stages of Grief

I have been asking myself, “Why won’t patriotic and knowledgeable Americans do anything useful in the face of a chronic situation?” I have spoken to so many people about this and I am beyond frustration. They know there is something … Continue reading

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Take Advantage of the Blessing of the Election of Donald Trump… and Get Out Now!!!!

Ok. I know I am going against the grain, but I am rather pleased with myself not getting hysterical over the Donald. Neither for or against. I pity those who see him as some sort of monster who is going … Continue reading

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Just Arrived in Tblisi, Georgia

Well yesterday I did. Yesterday I have arrived in Georgia (The Republic of…) and I must say I am impressed. Considering that 15 years ago much of Tblisi was in ruins from a long and painful civil war, and the … Continue reading

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Starting a Micronation vs. Finding a Free Country

I know this is an absolute waste of my time, (and probably a waste of your time if you are reading this), but I have been following the progress of Liberland ( As a vice I think it is harmless. … Continue reading

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What do we have to do to make this project work?

The issue of Liberland really inspires me even if Liberland itself is a bit of a joke that will probably never take off. It shows the huge demand for freedom across the globe even if it is splintered, culturally diverse, … Continue reading

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The Free Republic of Liberland!

If only it was called Freedonia! Then we could all sing “Hail, Hail, Freedonia, Land of the Freeeeee!….” My favorite Groucho Marx moment. However, this is no joke. It might never turn into a Free Republic or anything else, but … Continue reading

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Some Good News From Latin America: Chile and Mexico

Years ago I was very optimistic about Latin America, but in the last decade I have become very pessimistic. It seems that socialism and dependency on government are an integral part of Latin culture. Even where there is improvement it … Continue reading

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The GOP Sells Out Again — What a Surprise

Usually I enjoy saying, “I told you so!”, but not in this case. It is too depressing and too important. In December 2014 I posted Nullification of the November 2014 American Election when the Republicans agreed to pass yet another corrupt Omnibus … Continue reading

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Nullification of the November 2014 American Election

On the 4th day of November of 2014, just last month, the American People handed Obama and the Democrats a resounding defeat rejecting not just the crony corruption of the Obama Regime but also the far Left policies of the … Continue reading

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