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Is there one country left free of communism where one can retire?

A very good question even though I am not sure about the answer provided in the article. read more:

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The Welfare Winners and Losers

Maybe I have it all wrong. Why go searching the world for freedom and opportunity when I could just go to Hawaii, work on my tan, and mooch off the masses? If the suckers are willing to pay, why should … Continue reading

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3 Countries That Welcome Foreign Retirees — US NEWS & WORLD REPORTS

The 3 choices in this article: Panama Belize Malaysia The last one surprised me, but it is interesting all the same. “Some countries roll out the welcome mat for foreign retirees, offering sometimes significant tax breaks, in-country discounts, and other perks … Continue reading

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10 Best International Places to Retire

An interesting article concerning the best places to retire. In any such list, the most important issue to understand is the criteria for the selection. In this case the author was up front and clear: Call us conventional, but we … Continue reading

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