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Take Advantage of the Blessing of the Election of Donald Trump… and Get Out Now!!!!

Ok. I know I am going against the grain, but I am rather pleased with myself not getting hysterical over the Donald. Neither for or against. I pity those who see him as some sort of monster who is going … Continue reading

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Obama’s Immigration Disaster Going Ahead Full Speed

Obama has ordered the Border Patrol to stand down and allow anyone to enter the USA. The Mexican government has essentially opened up the Guatemala border and is allowing anyone through. Despite what people think, the Mexicans have pretty tight … Continue reading

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Should you leave the USA before the collapse? Words of wisdom from someone who tried

An interesting article about a guy who left the USA for South America, and found it less than ideal. I think the most important issue he raised is that of culture. Some cultures are simply not conducive to long-term thinking … Continue reading

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Introduction to the Find a Free Country Project

The “Find a Free Country Project” was stimulated as much by frustration with the do-nothing attitude of Conservatives, as by anger at the near total domination of the United States of America by the Radical Left through its total control … Continue reading

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