Czech Republic and Slovakia reverse commitment to NATO (after being betrayed by Obama)

When Obama came into office these countries wanted a closer relationship with Europe, NATO, and the USA. After 5 years of hope and change… They distrust the USA more than they fear their potential enemies. Friends distrust the USA and enemies disrespect it. The Obama policy of betraying friends, and trying to appease enemies doesn’t seem to work very well. I also think Obama’s policy of speaking provocatively and carrying a very small stick is unwise.

Remember, the Czech Republic had agreed to place elements of a NATO anti-ballistic missile system on its territory. This would have signified a deep mutual commitment. But Obama bowed to Russian demands, and abandoned the project leaving the Czech Republic feeling abandoned. Now the Czech Republic is trying to distance itself from NATO and the USA. Who can blame them?

Read more (clearly the source is suspect, but the facts are the facts):

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6 Responses to Czech Republic and Slovakia reverse commitment to NATO (after being betrayed by Obama)

  1. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Obama is the worst president of the USA since Jimmy Carter.

    • fafc says:

      My vote for worst president is still James Buchanan whose incompetence and stupidity essentially caused the Civil War. Obama has not caused a civil war… yet. But he singlehandedly buried the Constitution in regards to being an effective limit on federal power. Time will tell though. Obama is working hard. He has clearly surpassed Carter in the category of Worst President. Maybe he will beat Buchanan too?

  2. Croatian Capitalist says:

    I regard Lyndon Johnson as the worst American president ever.

  3. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Btw, Obama has made another blunder:

    It really is astonishing that he got elected twice in a row.

    • fafc says:

      What a disgrace. He is too much of a narcissist not to realize he is being observed. So it is intentional.

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