Good Morning America! Welcome to the Third World

I awoke this morning to a power outage, and the beeping of my backup power supply for my computer. Turned off the computer, and went out to walk the dog. Discovered the power outage was for the entire segment of the grid. This has been happening more and more. When I compare this to the state of the roads in Houston, I must conclude we are turning into a 3rd World City. yeah. People mistakenly believe that things don’t ever work in 3rd World Cities because they are poor and lack the money to provide electricity, roads, and water to their people. 🙁 Poor people! But in fact they mostly do have the money to build the infrastructure. And they have the money to maintain the infrastructure. But somehow that money always gets diverted to two other things: Elite Corruption, and Popular Programs for the People! Deferred maintenance. That way the elites get to rob everyone blind, but people are more or less happy since they are getting their idiotic desires met, even if the world around them is crumbling into ruin. The idiot people are happy at least until the roads are no longer passable, and the utilities no longer work, and we are all living in the stone age again (well almost all — the elites usually have the foresight to build massive guarded mansions with back up generators and lots of supplies — only us peasants need suffer). Welcome to the USSA.

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The goal of the “Find a Free Country Project” is to research, explore and find a safe and secure free country outside the USA, that is not too large, has a relatively open immigration policy, has a friendly business climate, has a non-intrusive government committed to freedom, and then move to it.
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  1. Croatian Capitalist says:

    What was the official reason given for the outage? I am thinking that it might not even necessarily be a case of bad city management, because if for example the electric power generation capacity of the the city is adjusted in accordance with the official population (and taking into account the average American/Texan power usage as well of course) of Houston, and you have hundreds of thousands (I am making the number up, I have no idea how many illegals there actually are in the Houston area) of illegal aliens who aren’t registered anywhere come in and use the power supply, that’s obviously going to put a strain on the grid and cause outages, so this might be a side-effect of illegal immigration.

    Note to readers: This is completely guess-work on my part, I don’t live in Houston or America and I haven’t ever researched how public power generation is handled in the United States of America.

    • fafc says:

      I have no idea, and no one has provided me with any explanation for this outage or the numerous other outages that have taken place over the last year. I am not an electrical engineer, however, it seems to me that a good system contains redundancy. When something fails, there is a back up. The system is maintained by constantly checking the system and replacing defective parts BEFORE the system fails. That is what I remember as a child at least. I really don’t know what is going on.

      I can tell you about the roads. The roads of Houston are simply disintegrating. A hole appears, and gets bigger and bigger until a crew shows up and dumps a pile of asphalt into it. A temporary fix at best, and a fix that is often as dangerous to drivers as the hole was. Nothing is fixed until the road bed is broken. And then only a patch is applied. Now keep in mind that Houston receives unbelievably large amounts of federal money to repair the roads (the mayor is a gay lesbian democrat…), but the roads are never actually fixed????

      A third world city.

  2. Croatian Capitalist says:

    If that is the case, then I would move to some other city (or at the very least to some well-run suburb of Houston (if it exists)).

  3. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Yes, but I meant in the meantime, since it seems hazardous to me to live in a city with such problems.

    From what I remember from my visit to Israel, it has no such problems.

    • fafc says:

      I live in one of the best neighborhoods in Houston. It is just what happens when you elect corrupt Democrats who have no interest in doing anything other than robbing the bank, and instituting social corrupt perverted policies that pass for enlightened among the stupid people of Houston.

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