Honduras, Venezuela have worlds highest murder rates

Honduras, Venezuela have world’s highest murder rates: U.N.

But Belize is #3. Way to go Belize!

Rather sad all around. Venezuela was once one of the richest, most prosperous, and peaceful places in South America. But 10 years of corrupt crony socialism has turned it into a complete hell-hole.

Belize isn’t too far behind sadly. I used to live there, and feel bad about what I am seeing. The government has more or less decided to sit on the fence, leaning to Venezuela while obeying the USA like a chastised child. This policy is leading Belize to ruin. Its “financial sector”, never much to begin with, is dead. The violence and bad press will drive tourists away, not to mention the somewhat unfriendly attitude of many Belizeans to foreigners. The government is anti-business and is busy turning the country from a sleepy free market haven where anyone could start a business in their garage or porch into a lazy ineptly over-regulated country that stifles any business not related to those currently in government.

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3 Responses to Honduras, Venezuela have worlds highest murder rates

  1. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Another country destroyed by socialism, it is indeed very sad, and what makes this latest entry in the long line of socialist “success” stories even more incredible is the fact that Venezuela is the most oil-rich country in the World. Socialist sentiment appears to be strongest in Latin America, which I guess is the reason the Democrats want want so many immigrants from that region to come to the USA and be granted citizenship.

  2. Croatian Capitalist says:


    El Salvador seems to have surpassed them, I can’t even imagine living in such a country, one half Spanish, half Croatian man who was born and lived in Venezuela until the marxist lunatic Chavez destroyed Venezuela and now lives here in Croatia sees Croatian as Heaven on Earth compared to Venezuela, so imagined how messed up Venezuela is.

  3. Croatian Capitalist says:

    “Imagine”, not “imagined” in the post above.

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