Let the Celebrations Begin in the People’s Republic of California!

Congratulations to the comrades of the People’s Republic of California! You have successfully destroyed another greedy capitalist oppressor. Not only is this business no longer going to oppress and abuse the long suffering comrades of California, in this case the capitalist swine was not able to simply skip away to another state and continue with his filthy capitalist activities. NO, THIS BUSINESS HAS BEEN DESTROYED! This is something worth celebrating!

to read the whole glorious article about the defeat of another capitalist tool: http://hanfordsentinel.com/news/local/award-winning-dairy-calls-it-quits/article_78ad4166-5135-508b-a218-010680d1f3c2.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share

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The goal of the “Find a Free Country Project” is to research, explore and find a safe and secure free country outside the USA, that is not too large, has a relatively open immigration policy, has a friendly business climate, has a non-intrusive government committed to freedom, and then move to it.
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11 Responses to Let the Celebrations Begin in the People’s Republic of California!

  1. Croatian Capitalist says:

    California sounds a lot like Croatia, mindless regulation after mindless regulation meant to punish the people who actually work for a living.

  2. Croatian Capitalist says:

    California in revolt: how the “progressive” state plans to foil the Trump agenda: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/jan/11/california-resistance-trump-cannabis-immigration-environment

    California really is the worst American state.

    • fafc says:

      I wish they would just get on with CalExit… and take Oregon and Washington too. And while you are at it New York, the North East and Chicago. I might go back to whats left then.

      • Croatian Capitalist says:

        Yes, I too occasionally daydream about all of the leftist loons leaving Croatia, but sadly that is not going to happen, neither in Croatia, nor in America.

  3. Croatian Capitalist says:

    California is overdue a major earthquake that could kill millions and there may be no warning before it hits, warns top geophysicist: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5333847/California-overdue-major-earthquake.html

    Yet another reason to avoid California.

  4. Croatian Capitalist says:

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