Russia to ban US from using Space Station over Ukraine sanctions

Another Obama Regime success story. The Russians are going to refuse to carry us to the space station, and launch our heavy military satellites. And why should we care? Because Obama canceled our space program. We are now dependent upon Russia.

Because of Obama the USA has essentially abandoned the space program. Is that what Hope and Change was really about?

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11 Responses to Russia to ban US from using Space Station over Ukraine sanctions

  1. Croatian Capitalist says:

    It really is disgraceful how low NASA has fallen, I hope that a pro-NASA administration will be elected into office in the USA in 2016.

    • fafc says:

      The problem is the American People have bought into socialism. This means all they care about is how the government can take care of them. Not how the government can make the country better.

  2. Croatian Capitalist says:

    How did it come to that?

    • fafc says:

      I believe it actually started about 100 years ago as a conscious program to slowly erode the structures of our society that created a limited government. The Constitutional and societal institutions have been relentlessly attacked and torn down one brick at a time. Now the Constitution (in regards to its ability to limit the actions of government and protect the rights of individuals) is almost non-existent and the social institutions of family, religion, community, education, etc. are almost dead or have been taken over by the Left. A free people must be a moral and responsible people (not necessarily religious but not perverse and indecent). We have lost that. Now it seems as if a sudden and unexpected collapse has taken place, but when you read the long term intentions of the Left it is clear that this is exactly what they intended and worked towards for decades. A morally corrupt culturally weak nation open for conquest. The problem is I don’t think it will be the weak and coddled Left that ends up winning and picking up all the pieces, but more fascist forces like Islamic Supremacists or worse.

  3. Croatian Capitalist says:

    That’s sad, you would think that in a country that has so many successful entrepreneurs, so much financial and natural wealth, etc., the people would be enthusiastic about having the opportunity of making a success of themselves by themselves, and giving it a go, instead of relying on the government.

    As for Islamic supremacists/fundamentalists, they might eventually take over some European countries, such as France and Belgium (even though I don’t believe that they will) for example, but America is safe, there make a minute % of the population in America, and the American public is armed, so there is no way I can see America turning into a new Saudi Arabia.

    • fafc says:

      I wonder how safe. People who abandon their beliefs, traditions, and decency crave for the answers they abandoned. Islam can fill that vacancy. There are also other fascistic nihilistic dangers. Or simply chaos.

  4. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Yes, it does do that for some people, but for the majority of Western people to willfully choose Islam as their new ideology is very hard to believe, especially in America, since I am guessing that since September the 11th that in the back of the minds of the majority of Americans is the following opinion: Islam = bad, regardless of what they say about it in public, so if Americans decide to gather around a new ideology, it almost certainly won’t be Islam.

    • fafc says:

      The Left in this country loves Islam. Just look at Obama and his supporters. However, I am including all forms of reactionary fascism: White Supremacy, Latino and Black Separatism, etc. Frankly the White Power Fascism in this country would be terrifying.

  5. Croatian Capitalist says:

    The neo-nazis in America make up what? 0,0001% of the population? And their collective IQ is below 70, so their chances of taking over America are much smaller than even the chances of the Islamic fundamentalists, the only country where the neo-nazis have an even remotely realistic chance of seizing power is Greece.

    • fafc says:

      I don’t know what the percentage is, but Obama has been very effective at promoting membership in various hate groups. I hear more racism now than I did 10 years ago. And there is some logic to it. If you are constantly being accused of being a racist, well at some point you give up and start hating. Also, anti-semitic views are increasing among the Left as well as the right, partly due to the propaganda coming out of the corrupt Mainstream Media. Not just RT. And our universities have become stewpots of Leftist hate and ignorance. Sounds like a great place for fascism to grow out of.

      • fafc says:

        Perhaps I am being hysterical or reading too much history. I wasn’t around in Germany during the 1920s, but America feels a bit like I imagine that must have felt. Without the legitimate war weariness.

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