Russia to Give Land in the East… but to Who?

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I suspect if Russia is serious about this project, without using political prisoners and massive concentration camps, the only hope is going to be opening up the region, or at least select parts of it, to non-Russians who are adventurous or desperate. As Europe further collapses I suspect there will be millions of European refugees looking for someplace to go.

Its either going to be that or the Chinese will eventually just take over Eastern Russia.

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  1. Croatian Capitalist says:

    As much as I dislike the current mainland Chinese leadership (I don’t like the Taiwanese one either, but for different reasons), if I had to bet on it, I would put money on the Chinese (and the other East Asians to a lesser extent), the region is vastly under-populated as it is and young Russians are fleeing en mass to the European part of Russia, and even if millions of Europeans do flee Western Europe for Russia, I think that it would as well mostly be to places like Moscow, Sankt Petersburg and Sochi, not the Russian Far East.

    Anyway, while we are on the subject of Russia and since we are both avid book readers, this might be a good upcoming book:

    • fafc says:

      Well I don’t think the Chinese will cause a problem for Russia unless the Russians wholly fail to populate the place themselves to the point there is no law and order. The Chinese I have met are mostly looking to get away from China, not convert anyplace to China. In fact I cannot think of a single example of that happening. But if Russia fails to properly develop the necessary infrastructure and systems then I could see Chinese immigrants looking across the border for assistance.

      I personally would still like a little farm outside of Vladivostok. Just looks like a lovely place.

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