Should you get a concealed carry permit?

I remember when Texas first allowed people to get a concealed carry permit. I went and took the course, and was ready to send in all the paperwork, but then I thought: When they come to take our guns away who are they going to go after first?

So I decided to not send in my paperwork. At the time everyone was telling me I was paranoid. Now it is turning out that I was just a little bit ahead of things.  Here are a few recent news stories:

Maryland Police Detain Concealed Carry Permit Holder Over An Hour During Search For Legal Gun

Maryland police officers detained a concealed carry permit holder for more than 90 minutes while looking for a gun he was legally allowed to possess. John Filippidis was traveling through the state with his family, but opted to leave his firearm at home in Florida due to the varying nature of state concealed carry laws.

Police using data concerning lawful gun ownership to ratchet up scrutiny, escalate tactics

Unfortunately, two recent incidents have highlighted how government data indicating firearm ownership can be used by law enforcement officials as justification to escalate encounters with gun owners.

Iowa Cops: If We Know You Have a Carry Permit For a Gun, That’s a Good Reason to Invade Your Home Like an Army (Even If You Aren’t Who We Are Looking For)

Why did the cops feel necessary pursuing a credit card fraud suspect to come in like an invading army?

Because they knew someone in the house had a registered carry permit for a gun, the police said.


These are just a few. I am sure you can go find more.

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