The Citadel Project

About a year ago, a similar group of frustrated American Patriots, started exploring the idea of abandoning their current situations, banding together for the purpose of living a freer lifestyle, and moving to a new location conducive to such as a community. Instead of researching the possibility of finding a freer country, they looked for a location within America to create a self-sufficient redoubt, similar to Galt’s Gulch in Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.”

Their efforts have evolved into the “Citadel Project,” which may or may not get off the ground; but the idea is most intriguing. I have been saying for years that if I could just find Galt’s Gulch, I would move there immediately. Were I a younger man, and not yet allergic to shoveling snow, I would have already signed up.

I recognize that their survivalist mindset, and their guiding principle of Jefferson’s ‘Rightful Liberty,’ may not be the motivation behind this project to find a free country; but I suspect that the process they went through to come to a consensus on what their new community should be like, is very similar to what we will need to thrash out here.

Thus, I would suggest that thoroughly perusing their website would be informative and thought-provoking for our own deliberations. Thoughts? ◄Dave►

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I may be too old now to move; but this project intrigues me and I could be talked into it if an interesting cohesive group coalesces around it. ◄Dave►
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  1. alex says:

    My daughter wrote a report on Idaho last year, and it realy made me want to go and visit.

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