The End of the Democratic Party?

An interesting article worth a read even if you disagree (but of course you will never read it then!!!):

“Notice how this man’s entire focus is on demographics, assuming that people of color have nowhere to turn but to the Democrats. There’s no emphasis on any of the issues that allowed a reality tv star to win the Presidency against one of the most well-funded and media supported candidates in American history. The entirety of the above is obsessed with winning elections based on identity politics as opposed to making lives better for tens of millions of suffering Americans. In today’s environment, this is a recipe for political oblivion.”

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2 Responses to The End of the Democratic Party?

  1. Croatian Capitalist says:

    The Democratic Party might end, as did the communist one in Croatia in 1990, but the communists are still in power, so…

    • fafc says:

      In the USSA it is very different. The Democrats are imploding. They have not only lost the Presidency and the Congress, but more importantly they have lost the State governorships. In a way this is more important. It is on the state level that voting districts are designed, so loss of the States is a real disaster for the Democrats. Once a party loses a state for a certain number of years, it is almost impossible to get it back.

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