The Real Problem in the USSA (in addition to an apathetic populace): The Leftist Establishment

“The enemy of conservatism in America is the leftist establishment – the leftist-controlled institutions of news, education, and entertainment. Take away these big, fat incestuously connected institutions, and the left in America is a circus sideshow and nothing else. Democrat “leaders” like Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, and Reid are slow-witted, mean-spirited, and narrow-minded sock puppets filled by the chubby hands of the leftist establishment…

Attacking the establishment leftist media is attacking the real enemy of conservative values and policies. Openly attacking the leftist media establishment also places these giant corporations in a real bind. How will CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and the sibling leftist news corporations react? Attacking the Republican Party validates the conservative argument. Combined attacks by these notional “competitors” would expose the monopolistic nature of leftist media collaboration in suppressing conservative news stories and proposals. 

In fact, it is this very lack of ideological competition, this collusion by vast news corporations that are supposed to provide protection for the news consumer by actual competition, that could become the major campaign issue for Republicans. The left wants to attack big corporations, while actually Democrats are completely in bed with big business – and especially with the leftist establishment news media, which has vast power over politics in Washington.

It is hard to imagine a single conservative in America who could not understand and would not enthusiastically support this sort of campaign, and it is hard to imagine a single leftist who would not squirm at having to defend these entrenched corporations. Making Big Media the issue could, in fact, be precisely the means to truly energize conservatives and, by making Democrats the obvious toadies of Big Media, to deflate the left in 2016.”


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4 Responses to The Real Problem in the USSA (in addition to an apathetic populace): The Leftist Establishment

  1. Croatian Capitalist says:

    I seriously doubt that this will made a campaign issue by whomever the Republicans end up nominating, and even if by some miracle “conservatives” managed to greatly reduce leftist (“liberal”) control of the media, the leftists would still have near-total control of the university system, the federal bureaucracy, etc., so in either case I don’t see any significant u-turn happening in America anytime soon.

    • fafc says:

      It should be an issue for by identifying the problem you begin the process of correcting it. By I agree, this will not be an issue because the Republican leadership are either cowards or complicit.

  2. Croatian Capitalist says:

    There is a powerful weapon that the so-called conservatives in America for some reason never use (not just on this issue), namely boycotting, 38% of the USA population self-identify as conservatives, now imagine if only half of them decided to boycott Apple, Twitter and all of the other companies which finance/support “liberal” causes (including their various media outlets), you would quickly see support for “liberal” causes plummet when the limousine “liberals” would start losing billions of USD in profits, but unfortunately, I doubt that anyone will even attempt to organize such boycotts, much less that conservatives would get on board en-mass on the idea.

    • fafc says:

      American conservatives are all talk and zero action. I tried to organize a very simple boycott to protest facebook policy that is unfair to conservatives: No Facebook for One Day. That was it. Just one day without FB. I couldn’t get anyone to do anything. A few were shocked: “How will I communicate with my fellow conservative friends?” There is no hope. The USA is dead, long live the USSA.

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