The world is filled with crazies.

My cheery thought of the day:

The world is filled with crazies. Russians want to recreate either the Soviet Union or Mother Russia depending on which flavor of tyranny is in fashion. The Turks seem to dream of creating a new Ottoman Empire with a grand sultan ruling from decadent palaces in Byzantium. The Arabs are dreaming of reversing a thousand years of cultural decline and recreating a caliphate to dominate the Middle East. The Iranians fantasize about a new Persian Empire stretching from North Africa to Central Asia. Megalomania seems to have taken hold of much of the world.

Americans and Western Europeans seem to have slipped off into that dark night ready to fade away into a Western European Wonderland of oblivion, dependency and suicidal despondency.

The only nations that do not seem to have lost their way are India and China. Will they be able to stand against these threats?

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The goal of the “Find a Free Country Project” is to research, explore and find a safe and secure free country outside the USA, that is not too large, has a relatively open immigration policy, has a friendly business climate, has a non-intrusive government committed to freedom, and then move to it.
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  1. Croatian Capitalist says:

    I don’t really see any of those things being a real threat to China, the biggest threats to China are internal (pollution, hundreds of millions of Chinese still living in (extreme) poverty, corruption, etc.), if anything, the stupid way Russia is currently run benefits the Chinese (they get oil and gas at discount prices, can buy real estate and companies in Russia on the cheap, the mismanagement of the Russian Far East and the rest of Siberia presents a historic opportunity for China to take over such a gigantic piece of territory peacefully, etc.), as for India, if the Arab Sunnis managed to build a new caliphate, maybe it could inspire some of the 100 million or so Sunni Muslims in India to try doing something similar in India, but I can’t see them succeeding.

    • fafc says:

      Yes, very unlikely that China or India will be the hero coming to save the day. But more likely than the USA.

      • Croatian Capitalist says:

        I am guessing by “save the day” you mean stop the islamification of Western Europe? Well, if they manage to become genuine (military) superpowers with Worldwide power projection (I don’t think that India will, but China might) and decided that Western Europe becoming Islamic didn’t benefit them, I would guess that they would send help to the Western Europeans if an all-out conflict between Muslims and Western Europeans ever broke out in Western Europe, but I still think that Russia intervening would be the most likely intervention to happen.

        As for the three Islamic entities you mentioned in your blog post, in themselves I don’t see them as a threat to Europe, Kurds in Turkey have almost 3 times the children the “Turks” do (4 on average versus around 1,5), so Turkey will have it’s hands full with the Kurds, so there is a bigger chance of Turkey ceasing to exist within 100 years than it is that the Ottoman Empire will be revived within that time period (and Turks versus Kurds is not their only major domestic issue, the islamists and secularists hate each other as well, plus you have the Sunni Muslims versus Alevis issue), as for the Arabs, even the oil rich countries like Qatar and U.A.E. depend on foreigners for everything, and if some ISIS caliphate really did come into existence across the Arab countries, no foreigner with a functioning brain cell would go work there (and the smart locals would leave as well), so it would become a Stone Age place that would be easily defeated by the modern armed forces of the advanced countries, as for Iran, it hasn’t attacked anyone since Nader Shah invaded India in 1738, they see Wahhabi Saudi Arabia as their enemy, not Europe, and their foreign policy objectives mostly revolve around strengthening Shia Islam in the Middle East and Central Asia, if Western Europe ever does become Islamic, it will happen solely because of the “liberal” politicians who opened the doors wide for Muslim immigrants and Western societies allowing it to happen, not because of any military invasion or whatever.

        • fafc says:

          I was not thinking bout the issue of Islamification of Europe. That is a fight for Europe, and seems to be lost. But the collapse of Europe into dhimmitude does not have to mean the loss of global civilization, and the descent into a new dark age.

          No I am referring more to the general idea of a peaceful world. Pax Americana has not been perfect but has kept the sea lanes open, countries that wanted to become or remain free were assisted (to a point), Western ideals of liberty, justice, fairness, etc. were promoted where possible, etc. With the collapse of Western Europe and the abandonment of the world by the USA, there are many vacuums of power out there. I cannot see China and India being very happy about the prospect of nuclear arms race and eventual nuclear war in the Middle East. I also don’t see them very happy about a zenophobic and paranoid Russia attacking imagined enemies like reborn Napoleons or Hitlers hiding behind every rock and tree.

          Both want to see the world open up to trade and investment. They are both interested in participating in projects of all kinds around the world, but do they have the stomach to enforce peace in order to protect their interests if nothing else? Right now I think the answer is a pretty clear no. I read articles about China being rather unpleasantly startled by the abandonment of the USA. They had rather hoped that the USA would continue to act as a “fair cop” and keep things calm around the world while China moved into the neighborhood and set up shop. Now China must step up and start playing tough, or face the possibility of losing all the progress of the last 40 years. The same goes for India.

          • Croatian Capitalist says:

            If that is what we are talking about, then I guess that China would do that once it had such worldwide power projection, but I think they are still a long way off from that point, not to mention that their rise isn’t preordained, they still have many problems to fix domestically (the one-child policy has for example created serious demographic problems (there are way more men than women in China among the young, the population is rapidly aging, etc.).

    • fafc says:

      Saw that. I think the Christians should have more to fear. Jews don’t go around cutting off people’s heads who disagree with them.

      • Croatian Capitalist says:

        Yes, and the Jews in America will always have Israel to retreat to, while I think few non-Jewish Americans have a back-up plan in this regard.

        • fafc says:

          Indeed. The Jews of the Middle East escaped to Israel, but the Christians are dying like dogs. very sad.

          • Croatian Capitalist says:

            Yes, I think that the West stopped being Christian in reality a long time ago, how else could one explain the fact that the the West just ignored and continues to ignore the genocides and ethnic cleansing against the Assyrians, Lebanese Christians, etc.?

  2. Croatian Capitalist says:

    In regards to Turkey, I have just read that they are going to raise their military budget by 40%! And also that they are strengthening relations with Iran, hm…

  3. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Turkey has no problem building a security wall quickly, Israel had no problems building it’s security walls quickly, even countries such as India and Morocco got it done, but in America even starting the process is a serious problem, that shows how far America has fallen, in the old days, when America needed something built, it got built quickly and built well.

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