Was the last presidential election the Last Presidential Election?

americafuseI believe that the last presidential election was the last “free” election the USA will have. The next election will either not take place or will be dominated by fraud on an epic scale in order to ensure the continuation of the Obama Regime. I try to explain myself to people who claim to be patriotic, but they just say, “That will never happen in the USA.”

I thought I would try to explain the logic behind my conclusion in a step-by-step manner. I doubt this will help convince anyone, but it might help me to move on with what I have to do without looking back.

What has made the USA different from failed democracies around the world has not been a better ability to count ballots, or a superior electoral system free of fraud. What has made the USA different is that all parties have traditionally honored the results of the elections; winners and losers. This has been the case when the results have been insanely close and when the results seem to have been tainted by corruption. Take for example the presidential election of 1960 between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. It now appears quite clear that it was not only Kennedy’s witty banter and natural charisma that won the election; rampant fraud across the country ensured a Kennedy victory in a very close race. Nixon knew of this, but chose to walk away. He could have contested the election on legal grounds and might have won. He might have even been able to challenge the election using less legal but more traditional methods. However, Nixon conceded the election knowing that he and other Republicans would have the opportunity to try again next time.

In Mexico democracy failed in the nineteenth century not because they were incapable of counting the ballots, but because no one honored the results. It was “boletas vs balas” (ballots vs bullets). The losers could not afford to quietly concede the election since the winners would come after them, and the winners could not be magnanimous and gracious in victory since the losers were probably going to resort to bullets after the ballots failed.

I suggest that the USA of 2015 more resembles Mexico of the nineteenth century than the USA of the twentieth century. The Obama Regime cannot afford to lose power. If the Obama Regime hands over power to anyone other than a complete lackey of the current Regime, they will all most likely be facing prosecution. That will be the case whether or not a Democrat wins or a Republican. Never before have we had a government that has shown such callous disregard for the law. The closest we have come is the Nixon Administration which ended in disgrace with many of those closest to Nixon in jail. Nixon only escaped prosecution because of a presidential pardon from Gerald Ford.

This must not be a comforting thought for those in the Obama Regime who face an endless list of scandals and crimes. Can they afford to walk away? Some say they can since it is very likely that Hillary Clinton or some other Democrat will win thus ensuring their safety. But is this the case? Can Obama and his corrupt government officials really rely upon other Democrats to cover for them? I believe that someone like Hillary Clinton would be more likely to prosecute/persecute the Obama Regime for the oldest of reasons: to get rid of internal enemies and competition within the Democrat Party. If the Republicans win not only will they face the risk of criminal prosecution, but also face the prospect of having everything they have done during the prior eight years reversed. These people have a lot of reasons to want to stay in power.

No, the only hope for the Obama Regime is to either make sure one of theirs is nominated as the Democrat candidate, or make sure there is no election whatsoever. That is my proposition: Obama & Company cannot afford to lose power because they fear what will happen to them, plus they want to remain in power in order to continue their socialist transformation of America. I am either right or wrong in this regard. If you believe I am wrong, I would really appreciate you explaining why.

So, if my initial analysis is correct, that the members of the Obama Regime cannot afford to lose power and will do whatever is necessary to stay in power, the next question is: What are their options?

I know this is uncomfortable for many Americans to think about since they have a rather irrational belief in the sanctity of American elections, but let us just proceed with this as a thought experiment. What are the options for a corrupt administration that needs to hang onto power?

Option One: Amend the Constitution so that Barrack Hussein Obama, the Emperor of the 57 States, the Man who shot Osama Bin-Laden, Our Lord and Savior, can run for a third term as president. Not a bad idea except for the incredible resistance he will face from the Republicans who dominate the Congress which would need to pass such an amendment, and who also control a majority of the state legislatures which would need to ratify such a change. Plus there is not enough time.

Option Two: Arrange for an Obama lackey to win the Democrat nomination, preferably without having to participate in the primary process. The last thing the Obama Regime wants is an open and fair Democrat primary which could very well expose their criminal actions from within the Democrat Party itself. No, the Obama Regime needs some sort of “miracle” candidate to come out of nowhere at the last minute and save the Party from certain disaster, and the Democrats need to be in a position where they have no choice other than to nod in agreement. In order for this to happen, the Obama Regime must work very hard to discourage any good Democrat candidates from running, and then ensure that those who do run are thoroughly discredited; preferably after the primary process has been completed and just before the Democrat National Convention. Then someone from within the corrupt Obama Regime can step forward and save the day without ever having to face the scrutiny of a long drawn out primary battle. I think the number one candidate for this position would be Michelle Obama. She could be the “first African-American female President”. Doesn’t that just make your leg tingle? She comes with great name recognition, would be totally loyal, and is not bad in front of a teleprompter. Of course they could go with Joe Biden, but I don’t think so. He is too erratic to be trusted with such an important mission. Whoever gets nominated at the Democrat Convention is almost guaranteed to win since the combination of minorities voting in blocks in blind obedience to their thought police and rampant electoral fraud will be overwhelming.

Option Three: If for some reason Option Two does not work out there is always the tried and true option of creating a violent nationwide uprising among the Obama supporters which will then require martial law and perhaps a “temporary” rescheduling of the national elections. Then Obama could call out the military and police to support him in the “suppression” of the violent uprising by his supporters. The military and police would either unhappily follow their orders or refuse to participate guaranteeing a victory for the Obama Regime. The military will not stand up against him; every possible leader that might have posed a threat has been culled from the ranks. During the chaos those who pose a threat to the Regime will be eliminated. It should be fairly easy to do so. Patriotic Americans will be hiding in their houses trying to protect their family and friends. Easy targets for small bands of highly trained politically motivated mercenaries. Those that are not eliminated immediately during the chaos will be escorted into protective custody in “temporary” camps for their own protection. There may be some small disorganized patches of resistance, but they will be few and far between, and easily dispatched in piecemeal fashion.

Now if I can think about these options, why can’t the corrupt members of the Obama Regime think about them? The only other option is for them to quietly walk away and hope their successors won’t prosecute them. That seems very unlikely to me.

My vote is for Option Two: Michelle Obama will be nominated at the last minute at the Democrat National Convention after all other candidates have been discredited or eliminated in some fashion, and then go on to win the national election.

Could I be wrong? Of course. It is possible that Obama and Company can walk away without any fear of prosecution. But for that to happen it would mean that the system is even more corrupt than even I imagined. Essentially, if the Obama Regime can safely walk away from their many open and obvious crimes it really doesn’t matter who gets elected. There is some ultimate power that has been pulling the strings during the Bush presidency and the Obama presidency which will continue to be in control regardless of who wins the election. I don’t think that is the case. We may no longer be a functioning Republic, but I don’t believe there is a single all powerful conspiracy in charge of everything. Rather I believe there are oligarchies fighting each other for control. If I am right about the Obama Regime not being willing to give up power, then the only other possibility for error is that I have failed to consider other options they could employ to stay in power.

What do you think?

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10 Responses to Was the last presidential election the Last Presidential Election?

  1. Croatian Capitalist says:

    I think that it will be held, and that regardless of whom wins the election, Obama won’t get prosecuted.

    • fafc says:

      Then it will not be an election. It might look a bit like an election, but it won’t be an election. More of a selection, by people who have no interest in self-government.

  2. Croatian Capitalist says:

    To be honest, looking at the main American presidential candidates historically, I don’t really see anyone remotely recent for whom I would gladly vote for (as opposed to just voting againt the other guy) f I were an American.

    • fafc says:

      Again, don’t think it really matters. The system is fixed, or soon will be. Election will be nothing more than formalities to be celebrated when they go the “right” way, and ignored when they go the “wrong” way.

  3. Croatian Capitalist says:

    The sad thing is that I don’t think that rigging/fixing is even required, most of the (voting) population has been dumbed-down to the point that electing socialists like Obama is something that they actually want, and even if that still wasn’t the case, it most definitely will be the case if amnesty gets passed.

    • fafc says:

      You are probably right. The real problem is the racial division that Obama has stoked up over the last 6 years. The black and hispanic vote comprises about thirty percent of the voters. They vote one hundred percent for Democrats; any Democrats. In the past they have voted for card carrying members of the KKK and neo-Nazi organizations that somehow got on the ballot. There is no way to reach out to them for they will not listen. With thirty percent of the vote locked up, and they need is forty percent of the white vote. Not difficult given the low level of education and control of the media. The real issue is voter turnout. If the Democrats can get someone who motivates the hyper-racial base they win unless the Republican candidate can get about sixty-fix percent of the white vote. Whites do not vote in blocks like the minorities do, so that is just about impossible. Add to this the “same day voter registration” states which allow people to register the day of the vote, and this adds millions more to a Democrat vote. In Colorado during the last election, Obama got out hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to register and vote on the same day. There is no way to avoid this. The system is designed to give illegal aliens the vote. And almost every Democrat controlled state uses it. With every illegal alien coming into the USA, the Democrats are getting another vote. A Michelle Obama candidacy would win.

      Now this is only for the national presidential election. It is strange how these dynamics don’t work in local elections. The Republicans control most of the governorships and state legislatures. However, the President of the USA has become the most powerful force in the political process, and the old checks and balances on power have been eroded and removed. So the President can be an effective dictator, and there is no longer any Constitutional safeguards to defend against this. The only other option is bullets, and in this regards the President has a distinct advantage.

  4. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Do you really think that the military would ever turn against the American people? I don’t, especially not for Obama! The fact that he has removed from the military people who he deems to not be loyal to him doesn’t have mean anything, do you remember who Allende appointed to lead the Chilean Armed Forces? Pinochet! And when push came to shove, the Armed Forces stood with Pinochet against the socialist dictator, but as I have already written, I don’t think that Obama has anything to worry about prosecution-wise, nor do I think he will try to pull a coup.

    • fafc says:

      Yes. The American military will obey the civilian leadership. Period. Obama is the current leader. In a state of emergency, they will follow orders. At worst they will refuse to follow orders, but they will not side against the civilians leadership. They will simply stay on their bases.

      I also don’t believe there will be a coup since I believe Michelle Obama will end up winning by a combination of minority block voting and election fraud. In all fairness that is essentially the same as a coup, but without the tanks.

      But if for some reason that does not happen…

  5. fafc says:

    Every once in awhile I get tired of being right all the time.

    Poll: Michelle Obama Would Be Hillary Clinton’s Strongest Rival For Dem Nomination…


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