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Evidence that Ukrainians are smarter than they seem (at least smarter than their leaders).

Over the past 3 to 4 years Ukrainian’s have shown a growing distrust of NATO. This article suggests it is based upon a tradition of distrust hammered in over the Soviet period. But if that was the case why would … Continue reading

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Russia to Give Land in the East… but to Who?

Read More: I suspect if Russia is serious about this project, without using political prisoners and massive concentration camps, the only hope is going to be opening up the region, or at least select parts of it, to non-Russians who … Continue reading

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This is very troublesome. The US is actually much worse off financially than Greece. When people discuss the Greek national debt, what you see it what you get. When people talk about the US national debt, they are leaving out … Continue reading

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Czech Republic and Slovakia reverse commitment to NATO (after being betrayed by Obama)

When Obama came into office these countries wanted a closer relationship with Europe, NATO, and the USA. After 5 years of hope and change… They distrust the USA more than they fear their potential enemies. Friends distrust the USA and … Continue reading

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