Advice from a former cop: ‘Flee the United States as Fast as You Can’

My favorite tip for never getting busted used to be, “Never carry more marijuana than you can eat.” Although this advice is still effective, my new favorite tip is, “Flee the United States as fast as you can.” Although there is currently a paradigm shift in the awareness of inhumane and unfair acts taking place in America’s criminal courts, the politicians, judges, prosecutors and police continue ramping up their efforts to cage as many Americans as they can. My experience as a drug cop, crime journalist, defendant and current drug expert witness has given me insights into why living in the United States is risky and dangerous — it’s because of the sadly laughable U.S. court system.

Seven years ago, as a form of penance, I used my experience as a former drug agent to produce a series of instructional videos teaching citizens how to avoid being arrested for marijuana crimes. I also I produced an Internet reality show called KopBusters, where I exposed the abusive and illegal practices of police officers.

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The goal of the “Find a Free Country Project” is to research, explore and find a safe and secure free country outside the USA, that is not too large, has a relatively open immigration policy, has a friendly business climate, has a non-intrusive government committed to freedom, and then move to it.
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3 Responses to Advice from a former cop: ‘Flee the United States as Fast as You Can’

  1. Croatian Capitalist says:

    I think he is right, and sadly, it isn’t limited to just the USA, the EU (whose citizens had far fewer rights than Americans to begin with) is going down the same path (if the reforms that the Germans and French governments want pass, the EU will probably end being in an even worse shape than the USA is going to be), and when you look at more or less all of the other really large countries/federations like Russia, Canada, India, China, etc., none of them are pro-freedom, so I think that you were right to put the “not too large country” in the mission statement, large country/federation size really doesn’t appear to be conducive to freedom.

    • fafc says:

      That was my thoughts initially, and I still believe that is the case. The farther that power gets away from the people, no matter how stupid the people, the worse it gets.

      • Croatian Capitalist says:

        Yes, as much as I dislike the Croatian politicians, many of the stupid laws in place here would never have been put into place without the EU.

        Another issue is defining “too large”, even though the USA, China, Russia and India all definitely belong in that group, I am not sure about many other countries, for example South Korea is less than twice the size of Croatia, but has almost 13 times the population, is it a “too large” country? I am not sure it is.

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