Obama’s Immigration Disaster Going Ahead Full Speed

immigration-trainObama has ordered the Border Patrol to stand down and allow anyone to enter the USA.

The Mexican government has essentially opened up the Guatemala border and is allowing anyone through. Despite what people think, the Mexicans have pretty tight security on their Southern Border. Traditionaly only those who pay bribes get in. Now anyone can cross.

Essentially the spigots of illegal aliens have been opened up by a conspiracy involving the Obama Regime, the Mexican government, and those Central American countries looking to get rid of their uneducated, unemployable, criminal, diseased, and other dysfunctional elements of their societies.

In January of 2014, the Obama Regime sent out requests for bi-lingual escorts for Spanish speaking minor children. They knew this was going to happen. They knew it was going to happen because they were planning it all along.

I will leave it up to you to figure out why Obama and his corrupt Regime would want hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to overrun our country in a completely uncontrolled manner. There are lots of possible explanations. None of them are good.

And the response from the American People? Silence punctuated by some rabid talk from loud mouths who claim to be patriots.

A few days ago the Texas Militia Movement called out all able-bodied members to go down to the Border and “peacefully” close down as many Mexican border crossings as possible. This is a brilliant tactic. Instead of targeting the hundreds of thousands of illegals pouring into the USA across thousands of miles of border with the tacit approval of both the Mexican and US governments, this strategy would target the legal commerce coming across the border from Mexico (and also the other direction) and shut it down. After a few days of this the Mexican side of the Border would be full of trucks carrying rotting fruit and vegetables and other perishable commodities. Manufactured goods would be piling up on trucks in the middle of desert. Just supplying the drivers with food and water, and fuel for their trucks would be a logistical nightmare. The Mexicans would probably shut down the flood of immigration hordes on their own just to get the border commerce going again.

And the response from our brave ever big-talking Militiamen???? Nothing. They are brave enough to go into Starbucks and Chipotle restaurants with semi-automatic rifles in fake military gear and aggressive demeanor to threaten little children, but not brave enough to go down to the Border to actually defend their country. Loud-mouth losers. That is what America has become.

Keep talking about how we can turn it all around if we “just keep the faith”. Keep talking about how you are going to “go down fighting to the last bullet with your rifle taken out of your cold dead hands!” I call bullshit. If you guys won’t do shit when it is easy, non-violent, and low risk, none of you are going to go down fighting when you are alone, outnumbered, and there is no hope of success. You are going to go down whimpering, begging, pleading to be allowed to live in a “re-education” camp. If you want freedom the time fight for it in the USA has passed. Now it is a matter of finding it someplace else, perhaps even creating it someplace else. The USA is lost.

read more: http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2014/06/meanwhile-obamas-immigration-disaster-continues.php


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The goal of the “Find a Free Country Project” is to research, explore and find a safe and secure free country outside the USA, that is not too large, has a relatively open immigration policy, has a friendly business climate, has a non-intrusive government committed to freedom, and then move to it.
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43 Responses to Obama’s Immigration Disaster Going Ahead Full Speed

  1. Croatian Capitalist says:

    I think that the 2016 elections will be the defining ones in the history of the USA, if the democrats win again, or even if a pro-amnesty republican like Jeb Bush wins, that will most probably mean that amnesty will get passed and the USA will in time become a typical socialist Latin American country.

    • fafc says:

      Actually I believe the key election will be this year, November 2014. If the Republicans can take the Senate there is a chance things can be slowed down if not stopped. If they fail, I suspect there will be no 2016 elections. Obama and Company cannot afford to lose power They will all face criminal prosecution.

  2. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Either way, amnesty would almost assure the transformation of the USA into a socialist country, because it wouldn’t be just the (at least) 11 million legalized illegal immigrants voting for socialist policies, they would almost for sure bring their families over, so that would mean tens of millions of new socialist voters, which would in time turn the USA into a new Venezuela.

  3. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Well, there are reasons to be optimistic about the election(s), Obama’s approval rating is low (43%), most Americans are against “Obamacare”, etc., I just hope that the Republicans won’t mess up again and run another “moderate” or “RINO” as their candidate in 2016. As for Mexico, even if I found the country interesting, I wouldn’t move there until the situation with the cartels is dealt with, because the drug violence is spreading even to areas which didn’t have a problem with it before.

    • fafc says:

      Well I am not optimistic about the American elections in general. 2014 is our last chance to turn things around, and I have very little faith in the Republican Party and even less faith in the American people as a whole. We have become an entitlement nation. Even the most conservative Americans have been bitten Either you think everyone owes you something and the government is supposed to take care of you, or you think that you have all these freedoms as a right and you don’t have to do anything to defend them. Our forefathers had to fight many times for our freedoms. They are not entitlements, they must constantly be defended by patriots. If the Republicans fail this year I don’t think we will get another year. As for Mexico I agree with your dismal assessment of things, but I do find the country interesting. But not that interesting.

  4. Croatian Capitalist says:

    It’s sad to realize that most people had more intelligence and bravery hundreds of years ago than they do now, things that were self-evident to the Founders of the United States of America are today for the most part beyond the understanding of the majority of common people in most countries of the Western World.

    As for Mexico, I meant just that I don’t find it interesting as an emigration destination, not that it isn’t an interesting country in general, there are a lot of interesting things about/in Mexico (the Chichen Itza and other Mayan ruins, the fact it is one of the rare countries which could become fully self-sufficient if it choose to do so and had the right leadership, the beaches in Quintana Roo, etc.). I just don’t see the point of moving anywhere outside Europe at the moment, Latin America is socialist (the one country that isn’t (Chile) is going in that direction), the (traditionally) Anglo-Saxon countries all appear to be going the same way (with Australia being the only one that doesn’t seem to be totally content with that state of affairs and showing some positive signs, but still not enough for me to decide to move there), Africa is too poor, the Middle East is unstable, while the rest of the Asian countries are either too poor or too culturally different for me to move there, so only Europe is left.

    • fafc says:

      No doubt our education system is part of the failure. I remember reading hand written letters from privates in the Civil War with nothing but elementary education or less writing letters back to their family that were more literate than Doctorate candidates in the USA today. Our Western Style cookie cutter education system has totally failed in producing well educated people. And that must be the goal. Ignorant, stupid, foolish people wholly dependent on the government.

  5. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Thankfully, in the USA you can still homeschool your children, here in Croatia homeschooling is illegal, and I would expect that you have quality private schools, there are very few quality private schools/colleges (the state ones are mostly bad as well) here.

    Even taking into account the inadequate public education system, “liberal” control of the media, etc., it is still surprising that there isn’t more of a backlash against illegal immigration in California, Texas and the rest of the border states, since the negative effects of illegal immigration on those states are quite palpable.

    • fafc says:

      My opinion is that almost all Americans have been consumed by the entitlement culture. Everyone is entitled to something which means they don’t have to work for it, fight for it, or do anything whatsoever to get it. This includes freedom, liberty, and prosperity. Even conservatives in the USA are consumed by an entitlement attitude that more or less encourages them to complain a lot about how horrible Obama and the government is, but then discourages them from ever doing anything, for after all, all Americans are entitled to Liberty!!! So they just utilize their Freedom of Speech to complain, and are unwilling to do much more.

  6. Croatian Capitalist says:

    This is a good article: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10000872396390444914904577619671931313542

    As the popular quote goes: “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money [to spend].” Sooner or later the “entitlement culture” will end (or at the very least public financing of it will), the only question is: What will follow?

    • fafc says:

      Bingo. And I am not optimistic about what happens when a socialist system eventually collapses. Not too many positive examples. In fact I cannot think of a single positive example. China really doesn’t count because the socialist system did not collapse, but was modified by a dictatorship.

      • Croatian Capitalist says:

        I wouldn’t really count PR China as a positive example either way, even though things have improved a lot economically since Mao’s time, most Chinese (in PR China) are still (very) poor compared even to us Croats, their human rights record is abysmal, there is no legal security, no real freedom of speech, all land is state owned, the pollution of both land and air by the communists is gigantic, the bureaucracy is slow and inefficient, corruption is rampant, etc.

        As for positive examples, Estonia is a positive example, even though their turn to socialism wasn’t willful, but rather came about by the Soviet Union occupying them, so maybe they aren’t a good example either, then you have Chile, but they were saved from socialism by a right-wing dictatorship which came to power through a military coup, and now that democracy is back they appear to being go back to socialism, so Chile probably isn’t really a good example either, so yes, I too can’t really think of a country whose people willfully choose socialism and then after the socialist regime collapsed willfully choose capitalism and got their country into order.

        The closest examples to that that I can think of are the Scandinavians deciding to scale-back their welfare states and lower taxes over recent decades and New Zealand turning to neo-liberal capitalism in the 1980’s, but none of those states were ever really socialist and they never went bankrupt in that period.

        • fafc says:

          The real issue is socialism ending because of economic collapse. Don’t see that as something recoverable.

          • Croatian Capitalist says:

            The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (the Soviet Union) did end because of economic collapse, Estonia has recovered from it (but as I already wrote, the Estonians didn’t voluntarily accept socialism as their ruling system, so it’s different to when it’s the people who opt for socialism), Russia and Belarus (but again, Russia and Belarus became socialist through an armed revolution, not democratically, so I am not sure they should be used as an example either) are richer now than they ever were during the Soviet period, etc.

  7. Croatian Capitalist says:

    It seems that there are going to be protests held today and tomorrow against illegal immigration: http://rt.com/usa/173408-illegal-immigrants-us-obama/

    • fafc says:

      Yawn. It has gone beyond a few pathetic protests where a few hundred people show up. Unless America rises up like the Egyptians did, and cast off the corrupt government, we will never be free.

  8. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Egyptian-style revolutions usually happen when people are (very) poor and hungry (or when the prices of food suddenly start to skyrocket, and the people realize that they will go hungry soon if they don’t do something about it), and since American households are the richest in the World (http://www.theguardian.com/business/2013/may/14/uk-drops-down-economic-wellbeing-league) and since you have cheap food and the food stamps program, you are unlikely to see such a thing happen in America anytime soon, of course you have revolutions started for different reasons, for example religious ones (such as the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979) and ones based on non-religious principles (such as your own American Revolution in 1776), but those two are unlikely to happen anytime soon either.

    • fafc says:

      Revolutions also happen when a motivated leadership has a population behind it which is committed to a goal. America used to be a nation that could never fall to socialism/communism because the people were too committed to Liberty. A well understood definition of Liberty at that. Not a freedom to do whatever you want to do, but a freedom participate rationally in an honest political system that protected the rights of the minority while giving freedom to all. Clearly we don’t have either of those components anymore.

  9. Croatian Capitalist says:


    This is interesting, around 11 million (the number is in reality probably closer to 30 million, but I will still use the low estimate) illegal aliens (the vast majority of whom are “unskilled” labor) can just waltz into the USA and receive various benefits without paying into the system, but when up to 1,5 million “skilled” people want to enter the USA legally and live, work and pay taxes there, they get serious obstacles thrown in front of them.

    • fafc says:

      It is an ideal sort of immigrant for unethical business looking to get an unfair advantage over rivals, and corrupt politicians looking to change the social fabric of the country to be more favorable to socialists. Uneducated and unskilled workers are more likely to be dependent upon corrupt leftist politicians promising them government solutions, even if those solutions turn them into a permanent underclass.

  10. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Well, either way I expect some sort of “immigration reform” bill to be passed and made law by the end of the decade, hopefully it will lead to the border with Mexico actually being made secure and legal immigration for talented/successful being streamlined.

    • fafc says:

      I doubt that very much. We are addicted to illegal aliens. They provide low cost labor, and a reliable voter pool for corrupt politicians.

  11. Croatian Capitalist says:

    We shall see soon enough, if the Republicans win this year and in 2016 and don’t fix the situation, they are done as a party, because much of their voter base would surely abandon them, and the Democrats will for sure pass amnesty at the first chance they get, which would make Texas and Florida Democratic locks in the near future, which would make the prospect of a Republican victory at a national election pure science fiction, so I am hoping that if they won’t decide to fix the situation out of patriotism and/or the respect for the rule of law, that they will at least do it out of political survival.

    I have been looking at voter turnouts in the USA in recent elections, and the presidential election turnouts have been at around 60% in the last 3 elections and, while the voter turnout for the Senate election was as low as 40% in 2010, has there ever been a serious study done as to why so many people don’t vote?

    • fafc says:

      No doubt any amnesty program would be suicide for the Republican Party, and for the USA as a whole. Sadly, I think a good number of Republicans are for it for one reason or another. I favor secure borders, an e-verify system that would make it almost impossible for undocumented workers to get jobs (and thus they would leave voluntarily), and a very limited option to allow people who have minor children who were born here and have lived here all their lives a normalization that gives them legal status but never leads to citizenship. The problem would go away in about 2 years, and we would be left with a few million people working legally, paying taxes, etc. But there are too many vested interests in seeing the current situation continue.

      As for low voter turnout, Americans are not required to vote, and thus many don’t. And I for one am glad for that. The more people that vote, the worse the outcomes. Most people are ignorant, uneducated, or stupid (or all of the above), and we would all be better if they just stayed home and watched some Reality TV.

  12. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Yes, such people staying at home on election day is definitely good for any democratic country, but low turnouts haven’t stopped the country from electing the people who are responsible for this mess into office, so to rephrase my question; Has there ever been any serious study done on the political leanings of the people who don’t vote?

    I for example generally don’t vote here in Croatia, because every party is in practice socialist/leftist (regardless of how they formally define themselves), the few people in politics who actually do a good job here are mostly independents (or people who formally join one of the parties just to make use of their campaign infrastructure, but they don’t tow the national party line) in small cities/municipalities, so I have no one to vote for in the parliamentary elections, the presidential elections here aren’t really important (the prime minister is the person who actually runs the country in our system) and there are no good candidates for president either, and the only remotely decent candidate that I can remember running for major local office (the position of mayor) here where I live got only 17,33% of the vote when he ran, and we very rarely get a referendum to decide matters (the only one I voted on was the EU membership one), so for me it’s not a question of being lazy, or uninformed, or unwilling to take part in the political process, or anything of that nature, but rather that there just isn’t anyone to vote for who even remotely shares my values (especially on economic issues), even none of the fringe parties are really pro-market here, as I have already written, the only realistic way that I see that this country can start going forward anytime soon is for the EU to put a technocratic capitalist administration in charge of running Croatia, otherwise I can’t see the mentality of the people changing for the better for a few decades at best, because the parties themselves are definitely not going to try to change it and the country (believe or not, in the year 2014 you have people in both of the main parties (even the supposedly “center-right” one) here praising Karl Marx and calling the market the biggest evil (the one who made this comment about the market is an adviser of the candidate of the biggest “center-right” party in Croatia).

    • fafc says:

      I don’t know about studies, but I understand your frustration. My father used to write in Mickey Mouse or Miss Piggy when there was no good candidate to vote for, but with electronic voting it is almost impossible to do write in voting (or at least very difficult). I somehow think that is not an accident.

  13. Croatian Capitalist says:

    We still don’t have electronic voting here, and in the last sentence I forgot to write “prime minister” in front of “candidate”, so we will likely get as prime minister a man whose adviser’s views are much as the same as the ones of the leadership of Venezuela.

    As for write-ins, some people here in Croatia do have the habit of going to the ballot box on election day to write-in something humorous, but I don’t do it.

    • fafc says:

      I think voting for Mickey Mouse is much better than voting for a bad candidate. Voting is a dangerous thing. You are giving credibility to whoever you vote for. When there are no good candidates to vote for, I believe it is wrong to vote for the less evil. On the other hand I am reasonable. I happily voted for Romney even though he was not 100% in tune with my views. Many in the US say that Obama vs Romney was just the same thing. I disagreed. I think history proves me correct. On the other hand if all you have to choose from is two communists, why bother?

      • Croatian Capitalist says:

        I agree with you, I too would have voted for Romney if I was an American citizen in 2012, despite me not agreeing with him on a lot of issues, he is an accomplished businessman, while Obama has really never held a job in a private business or ran one, so it would have really been an easy choice to make, I also agree that voting when there are no good candidates is bad, because it gives the bad politicians legitimacy.

        Yes, the political parties (at the very least the two major ones) here are just the continuation of the old communist party, so neither will ever get my vote, I am just thankful to God that Croatia is geographically located where it is, because it’s location saves it from becoming completely like Argentina or Venezuela or Cuba, because the big European countries would never allow such a basket-case country as any of the ones mentioned above to exist in the heart of Europe, regardless of what the wishes of certain Croatian politicians might be in that regard.

  14. Croatian Capitalist says:

    By the way, speaking of elections, today we will find out whether or not Scott Walker is a serious candidate for the White House in 2016, because if he can’t win the governor’s seat in his own state in 2014, I don’t see how he could win the Republican nomination for 2016, much less the election itself.

  15. Croatian Capitalist says:

    I just noticed another mistake, it should be “soon” (since the election is on the 4th of November) instead of “today”, I really think that there should be an edit option for posts made in the comments section.

  16. Croatian Capitalist says:

    The USA is not the only country with an immigration policy disaster going full speed ahead: https://www.thestar.com/news/immigration/2017/11/01/canadian-government-to-raise-annual-immigrant-intake-by-13-by-2020.html

    • fafc says:

      This is a real mystery to me. I understand the misguided immigration policy of Europe: The Europeans are bringing in immigrants to do the work Europeans are too lazy to do — namely having children. However, Canada is not suffering from any such demographic meltdown like Europe. Why are they destroying their country? In Europe, if you are in the elites living in closed compounds with armed guards protecting you and your families, you don’t really care what the peasant class is composed of. However, Canada is not there yet.

      • Croatian Capitalist says:

        Even according to the government that brought them to Europe (https://www.ft.com/content/022de0a4-54f4-11e7-9fed-c19e2700005f) the vast majority of them are unemployable, so even if they boost the birth rate, the net result for the receiving countries will be a higher welfare bill (paid for mostly by native Europeans of course) and higher crime, so whatever reasons they are being brought to Europe for, it isn’t to fix those countries demographic and economic problems.

        As for Canada, just like you have trend setters and trend followers with individual people, the same is true for countries, the UK set itself on the path of national suicide in 1948, when they passed a law which basically gave all of the third worlders from (former) British colonies the right to settle in the UK, the USA followed suit with the Hart–Celler Act in 1965, and after the father of the clown now running Canada was elected prime minister in 1968, he set Canada on it’s current path.

      • Croatian Capitalist says:

        Something has just crossed my mind, since Western governments fudge all kinds of statistics and are in general anti-Western in their outlook, how do they compile the statistics on the fertility rate? I mean, think about it, Western people are on average having children later in life than in any time in history (at least as far as I know), so of course if you include young adults into the statistics, that the fertility rate isn’t going to look too good (for example, some 25 old woman might not have any children now, but will have 2 or 3 of them by the time she reaches her 40’s), so I am seriously starting to wonder if the Western “demographic problem” is just another myth created to get the natives on board with the idea of mass third world immigration (which in turn lowers or at least delays the native birth rate, since it is the native Westerners who have to pay higher taxes and prices in general to subsidize the third worlders having children in Western countries).

        What do you think?

        • fafc says:

          I believe the demographic data. It is being collected from many sources that cannot be fudged: school enrollment, pension plans, deaths, births, etc. The data is open and available. If anything I suspect it is even worse than is reportted. If people understood just how desperate things are going to be in 10 years, just how unlikely they are ever going to see their pension, just how unlikely their children will ever be able to enjoy a good lifestyle, people would revolt.

          • Croatian Capitalist says:

            Maybe, but I have a hard time believing anything that the same people who fake unemployment statistics, statistics on the Human influence on the climate, etc. say, they lie about more or less everything else, so i wouldn’t put it pass them to lie about demographics.

            As for births and school enrollment, they don’t really mean much even if the data is accurate if you are looking at just one year or a couple of years, because as I wrote above, people are having children later than ever in history, so if the average woman in some community has her children in her middle-late thirties/early forties, of course that the birth and school enrollment statistics in their community would look bad in the preceding decade or two that they were childless.

  17. Croatian Capitalist says:

    In any case, I am sure that what is happening is deliberate and has been in the the works for a very long time, look for example what George Orwell wrote in 1941 (http://orwell.ru/library/reviews/wells/english/e_whws): “What has kept England on its feet during the past year? In part, no doubt, some vague idea about a better future, but chiefly the atavistic emotion of patriotism, the ingrained feeling of the English-speaking peoples that they are superior to foreigners. For the last twenty years the main object of English left-wing intellectuals has been to break this feeling down, and if they had succeeded, we might be watching the S.S. men patrolling the London streets at this moment.”

    So, the left-wingers have been working like crazy for (at least) a hundred years to destroy patriotism amongst the English and related peoples, what we are seeing now is just the result of their mostly successful efforts.

  18. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Expert: Legal Immigration System to Add 100M Foreign-Born People to U.S. Population in Next 50 Years: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/01/15/expert-legal-immigration-system-to-add-100m-foreign-born-people-to-u-s-population-in-next-50-years/

    And the vast majority of them will be leftists from Latin America, so if something isn’t done about it and done soon, in 50 years time America will be a typical Latin American country.

  19. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Meanwhile, in China: http://www.bbc.com/news/business-42575436

    “Technology leaders, entrepreneurs and scientists from in-demand sectors are among those eligible to apply.”

    So, while the USA, the UK, Germany, etc. for the most part court the drags of third World countries, China courts the creme de la creme from first World countries.

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