REVIEW: There’s No Place Like Utopia

“There’s No Place Like Utopia” is a new movie by Joel Gilbert, the same director who made “Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception”.

In his new movie Gilbert uses the themes of Oz and Utopia to describe what is happening today in the USA:

The idea of Utopia, paradise on earth, goes back to Plato’s Republic, to Thomas More, and to Karl Marx’s ‘workers paradise’. However, its just a fantasy, it can never exist on earth, its fiction. Despite this, socialists, who now call themselves “Progressives,” believe Utopia is a realistic model for the modern nation state. Tragically, 100 Million people were killed by Progressives in peace time in the 20th Century under the guise of recreating human beings to fit into Utopia.

The analogy is well deserved. The fundamental lesson of the Wizard of Oz is that there is no wizard. Obama has made promise after promise that have all turned out to be empty. The people I met who supported him were literally living in dungeons in the witch’s castle, everything had changed for the worse all over America.

The movie starts predictably enough with a tornado that takes Gilbert to what should be a strange and distant land, but is in fact the America of today. He visits the wreckage of various parts of the country that have been under the control of the Left the longest, and thus suffered the most: Detroit, South Chicago, Newark, etc. He examines the history and origins of the Leftist policies that are gutting America, and new policies that threaten to completely destroy what is left. He sees the despair and hopelessness that results from fraudulent promises, and shows Obama and other radical Leftists for the frauds they really are.

I think the movie is a bit too long, and it meanders a bit from place to place, issue to issue, sometimes without a clear connection as to why. All the same it is a thought provoking movie that should play well “to the choir” without insulting the real victims of the Left: Obama supporters. Perhaps undecided non-Conservatives who watch this movie may come away with some things to think about.

Gilbert provides a clear and cogent explanation of what is wrong, but I really just want one question answered: How to fix things? In the movie Gilbert returns from the Hellish Oz that is Obama’s America, and goes back to his home in rural Tennessee and visits his family. It is a nice and sweet place. He ends the movie back in California (I think) on the beach waiving an American flag while jogging in the waves. (I don’t think I spoiled the movie by giving you the ending — it is a documentary after all.)

How to fix things? Go back to the few places in America that have not yet been corrupted by 50 years of Leftist manipulation? Or waive a flag and declare your undying devotion to the America of bygone years? The first option seems to be nothing more than delaying the inevitable, and the second will most likely get you locked up in a mental ward or worse. Conservatives are often very good at pointing out what is wrong, but not so good at explaining what needs to be done. This movie shares that same characteristic.

Enjoy the trailer:

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    While browsing Amazon (I don’t actually buy anything from that website, since I don’t want to give money to Jeff Bezos, but it is a good website to browse for books), I came across this book on another “liberal” “Utopia”:

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