The Decline and Fall of the EU

An interesting (if a bit long and confusing) article about some of the underlying economic pressures that may rip the EU apart.

“The abandonment of the EU by Britain looks like a stroke of luck – for Britain, if she can extricate herself in time. It exposes the EU for what it is: a failing post-war project. An agglomeration of disparate nations, cobbled together, planned by America in the post-war years, now finds the new American President no longer supports it. The parent is abandoning its child, and so is Britain, American’s closest strategic partner…

That’s probably what galls Langley most: Russia and China are becoming powerful enough to overturn American hegemony in Europe, not through military prowess, but through economic power. China, with Russia in tow, is destabilising America’s post-war regime, and America is losing her grip on global dominance. Her post-war European project has lost its relevance. The European Union will begin to decline both in political importance and in nominal GDP terms when Britain leaves. Compared with the resurgence of the Sino-Russian axis, it will continue to decline in relative terms as well…

The ECB is running out of options in its battle to keep the Eurozone from collapsing. The only tool the ECB has left to defray this inevitability is yet more monetary expansion, which will eventually undermine the euro. When that happens, those that have moved their deposits from too-big-to-fail banks in Italy, Spain and elsewhere into the German, Luxembourg and the Dutch banks will have found only temporary respite. As with all bad ideas, the EU and its currency will find monetary or systemic collapse is the final consequence of all constructions founded on fallacious expediency.”

To read the entire article (which you really should!):

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13 Responses to The Decline and Fall of the EU

  1. Croatian Capitalist says:

    I think it’s not a matter of whether the EU will collapse or not, but when and how much damage it will do to Europe before it does, and the Russians and Chinese have nothing to do with it, the coming EU collapse will entirely be the responsibility of the idiots running it in Bruxelles.

  2. fafc says:

    Indeed. We now see there is nothing left of Western Europe. France, the UK, Germany, Sweden, etc. They are all already dead. As you said it is only a matter of who else they pull down with them.

  3. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Yes, they all seem too be too far gone, and even if they ever do return to sanity, it will happen so far into the future to render it irrelevant for the purposes of this website.

  4. Croatian Capitalist says:

    EU launches legal cases against Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic for not taking in “refugees”:

    The EU is a disgrace.

    • fafc says:

      Well let’s see what the Eastern Europeans do with this. The EU is nothing other than a tit that they suckle. Once the tit runs dry? But on the other hand withdrawing from the EU or being kicked out is a fancy bit of propaganda to use against political opponents of the Left who are in control of the EU.

      • Croatian Capitalist says:

        Yes. as bad as situations such as this one are on their own, for the purposes of this website they are good, because they clearly show which countries to avoid (Germany, France, etc.), and they force countries that appear to be at least OK options (Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary in this case) to show how serious they actually are about protecting their own sovereignty.

        • fafc says:

          I suspect as Western Europe collapses in on itself and becomes a vast a powerful European Caliphate, Eastern Europe will be swallowed up who either by the Caliphate, the Turkish Sultanate, or Mother Russia.

  5. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Apart from the Serbs and maybe the Bulgarians, I think that the Eastern Europeans would mostly vote against the Russian option if given the choice…

  6. Croatian Capitalist says:

    This is (very) worrying: and

    So, the unelected loons running the EUSSR plan to create a (new red) army (and since they are openly saying that they have no intention of defending the EU’s borders, it is obvious what the EU army will be used for…), keep the EU borders open for the entire third World and take financial independence away from the individual member states.

    Unless the smarter Eastern European countries leave the EU soon, I think it will be time for sane people to leave the EU and any country that has a realistic chance of joining it for good.

  7. Croatian Capitalist says:

    Some seemingly (you can never tell with modern politicians) good news from Austria:

  8. Croatian Capitalist says:

    The EU is openly admitting it is anti-Western, the collapse of the EU can’t come soon enough.

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