The Unimaginable Bruce Jenner

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day while consuming strong and manly alcoholic beverages, and the subject came up of Bruce Jenner and his strange conversion from the very epitome of manliness into the shemale freak of the Kardashian Family. My friend was convinced that Bruce Jenner was simply a closet homosexual who was finally coming out. I pointed out that there was no evidence of this and quite a great deal of evidence to the contrary, and that furthermore most homosexual men do not want to become women, but are simply sexually attracted to men. Nothing I said could dissuade him. I suppose to think otherwise was simply unimaginable to him.

Now I do not know the reasons for Bruce Jenner’s bizarre behavior. He may be gay. Frankly, that would be better since that would make some sense. But the evidence suggests that this is not the case. Bruce Jenner does not seem to be a heterosexual woman trapped in a man’s body seeking to be able to finally express his/her attraction to men in a “natural” manner. No, Bruce Jenner seems to be a man who has a lesbian trapped inside of him.

We live in a world where most people do not seem interested in “doing the right thing”. Even when it would be easier and perhaps even profitable for them, they seem to choose to do the “wrong thing”. I have always been curious about what motivates people to do the things they do, good or bad. When people do the “right” thing we want to attribute it to high and lofty motives. But that is not always the case.

What motivated Bruce Jenner to do the things necessary to win a gold medal in one of the most brutal athletic competitions known to man; the Olympic Decathlon?

Bruce Jenner endured countless years of painful and exhausting training just to get himself to the point where he could compete in such events. Then he took it to the next level. He tirelessly worked to become one of the greatest athletes of the 20th Century. He was rewarded with the highest honor an athlete can receive for his efforts. He won the Gold Medal for the United States of America at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Canada.

His timing could not have been better since 1976 was also the 200th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence (Bicentennial). Overnight he became famous. He was on the cover of magazines and on cereal boxes. Everyone wanted him to speak to their groups. He was the hero of the day. But his fame proved short-lived as is often the case, and his celebrity brought him much less attention and financial rewards compared to the less impressive actions of others.

We would like to think it was admirable motives that drove him year after painful year to make himself into the amazing athlete he was: patriotism, selfless pursuit of excellence, the love of competition, etc. I am sure that all these motivations were present, but when you look at this current behavior it suggests that his primary motivation all those years ago was not necessarily so admirable: a desperate need for attention.

His victory did indeed bring him a great deal of attention, and it opened many doors that brought him financial rewards, but compared to other famous people the spotlight was fleeting. He never got the same attention as a rock star who would likely overdose on drugs, a politician who might be disgraced in some scandal, an actor who pretended to be someone he was not, or a wealthy lunatic crossing the globe with the paparazzi in tow. All of Bruce Jenner’s years of sacrifice and hardship must have seemed a bit of a waste if his primary goal was to attract attention to himself.

Then he fell into the Kardashian Family. As he contemplated his own obscurity after his hard won victory based on endless pursuit of personal excellence, he witnessed the women in his family gaining worldwide attention and riches for being nothing more than vamps, whores, and embarrassing idiots.

I believe Bruce Jenner is not suffering from gender identity issues, but from “vagina envy”.

All his manly efforts during the early part of his life resulted in his achieving the highest honors attainable by an athlete. And what did he get for it? Nadda. Nothing. Yet the women who surround him today, lacking any talent, skills, motivation, or virtue of any kind, have become superstars for no other reason than their genitalia.

If Bruce Jenner really is a failed attention-whore who pursued athletic excellence for the purpose of being the center of attention, oh how painful it must be to sit there year after year and see his daughters, step-daughters, and wife bathed in the limelight of endless attention while becoming iconic symbols of everything that is wrong with this country. I can just imagine Bruce Jenner stewing in his anger and resentment and bitterly saying to himself; “If only I had a vagina, then I could be the center of attention!”

And here we are. Finally, after all these years, Bruce Jenner has gotten what he wants: he is the center of attention.

Not only is this is a sad commentary on Bruce Jenner and his emotional issues, but it is a damning indictment of our society. People often do terrible things for arguable the best of motives, and others do wonderful things for the worst of motives. In an ideal world we would not rely solely on internal motivations to get people to do the right things, but we would encourage people by rewarding them with praise, adulation, and wealth when they do the right things, and discourage them from doing wrong by punishing them, and depriving them of attention and reward.

Clearly we do not live in an ideal world. Far from it. America has become a country that rewards bad behavior and punishes good behavior. In one bizarre confused package, Bruce Jenner is an example this.



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  1. Croatian Capitalist says:

    He has really taken attention whorism to a whole new level.

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